amateur radio

Amateur Radio

 I started my radio adventure back in 1973 when I became a novice and was given the call WN5ITN.  At that time you had 1 year to upgrade or you would lose your license. I made a trip to Dallas and passed the 13 WPM code with relative ease but I got the "theory" test and didn't pass.  Since I was a teenager other interests came along and amateur radio took a back seat.  In 1993 as part of a new years resolution, I vowed to at least get my license so that I could get on VHF/UHF.  Wow!!!! had the hobby changed.  I went from no license to extra in about 7 months.  My orginal "new" call was KC5BVQ.  I kept that call until I earned my extra.  My extra call was AB5RQ.  I kept it for a number of years until I opted for N5RN as a vanity call.  I've had N5RN since May 5, 2000..